Springvale Elementary

Staff Directory

General school contact:

Tel: (902) 479-4606

Fax: (902) 479-4473

Please feel free to contact staff via email, or you may reach any staff member by phoning the school office. Should you wish to meet with a staff member, please call the office to arrange an appointment.


Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
MacNeil, Vincent "Vince" Principal (902) 479-4606 vmacneil@hrce.ca
Lamont, Michelle Vice Principal (902) 479-4606 MLamont@hrce.ca
Munden, Nadine Secretary (902) 479-4606 Nadine.Munden@hrce.ca

Teaching Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Boudreau, Julie 50% Grade One Julie.Boudreau@hrce.ca
Bourke, Carolyn 70% Music / 30% Strings CBourke@hrce.ca
Clarke, Lisa 10% Band Teacher LClarke@hrce.ca
Goyetche, John 20% Physical Education Teacher JGoyetche@hrce.ca
Haikings, Susan EAL Teacher SHaikings@hrce.ca
Hood, Amanda 20% Grade 2 Amanda.Hood@hrce.ca
Hubley, Lynn Grade 1 LHubley@hrce.ca
Knowles , Leah Grade Five LKnowles@hrce.ca
Kozik, Emma 60% Grade Six EKozik@hrce.ca
Lamont, Michelle 40% Grade Six MLamont@hrce.ca
Lynch, Stephanie Grade Primary LynchS@hrce.ca
Manning-Ryan, Rosemary 30% Guidance RManning-Ryan@hrce.ca
McFeters, Tracy Grade Five tmcfeters@hrce.ca
McGowan, John 70% Phys. Ed. / 30% Core French JMcGowan@hrce.ca
Mullen, Christina EAL Teacher CMullen@hrce.ca
Murphy, Heather 50% Reading Recovery / 50% Grade One HMurphy@hrce.ca
Opalka, Anita 50% Core French AOpalka@hrce.ca Website
Robertson, Jean Grade Three JRobertson@hrce.ca
Sampson, Kimberly 80% Grade Two ksampson@hrce.ca
Scharf, Tom Grade Six TScharf@hrce.ca
Scott, Rhonda Resource rscott@hrce.ca
Snook, Katherine Learning Center Katherine.Snook@hrce.ca
Thomson, Vanessa 40% Grade Four VThomson@hrce.ca
Trussler, Christine Grade Two / Three ctrussler@hrce.ca
Webber, Lee Anne Grade Primary Lwebber@hrce.ca
Williams, Richelle 60% Grade Four Richelle.Williams@hrce.ca
Zhang, Jill Grade Three / Four JZhang@hrce.ca

Support Staff

Name Role / Department Phone Email Online
Atkins, Mona Excel Program Lead 902-225-5909 Mona.Atkins@hrce.ca
Borden, Satie School Social Worker 902-223-7826 sborden@hrce.ca
Faddoul, Tanya Pre-Primary ECE Support TFaddoul@hrce.ca
Finbow, Katherine ECE Lead - Pre-Primary KFinbow@hrce.ca
Fougere, Jennifer Schools Plus Assistant Leader (Acting) 902-483-8367 jfougere@hrce.ca
Jarvis, Taea Educational Program Assistant
McLean, Dee Lead Pre-Primary EMcLean@hrce.ca
McNutt, Brenda Schools Plus Community Outreach Worker 902-233-4395 bmcnutt@hrce.ca
Morrow, Cheryl Educational Program Assistant
Nason-Tracy, Lorraine 40% Library lorraine.nason-tracy@hrce.ca
Smith, Nichol Educational Program Assistant
Sutherland, Lisa Educational Program Assistant
Toor, Swarndeep ECE - Pre-primary Support Swarndeep.Toor@hrce.ca