Springvale Elementary

S.A.C. General Information

Springvale Elementary School Advisory Council is a group of school parents and Guardians, staff, community members and school administration will be responsible for the following:

·         Providing all partners with a voice in decision making.

·         Collaborating with all school staff in developing a school improvement plan and/or participating in the School Accreditations Process.

·         Assisting with advice in developing school policies, which promote academic excellence and a positive learning environment.

·         Advising the principal and staff on the school-level issues related to curriculum and programs, school practices and policies such as student discipline, fundraising, and parent-school communication.

·         Advising the school board on program changes, student support services, policy development, funding, and communication strategies.

·         Contributing to the annual accountability report that describes school improvement activities undertaken during the year, specific achievements and factors that influenced the results.

·         Maintaining effective communication among the partners by holding regular, open-to-the-public meetings and circulating written information

·         Please see the school’s website for full details

SAC meets monthly on the third Tuesday of each month at 5:30 P.M.   All are welcome


S.A.C. Directory coming soon!