Springvale Elementary

Storm Day Protocol

There are four possibilities related to school closures due to inclement weather:

  1. All Schools Closed - Halifax Regional School Board
  2. School Closed - by Feeder School Area
    N.B. Our Feeder School Area is Citadel High School - Family Of Schools
  3. Stock Transportation Busing Cancelled - School Remains Open
    Parents send students at their own discretion - Safety being the main criteria.



All School Closure Announcements Should Be Made Between 6-6:30 A.M. on most radio stations. CBC Information Morning is one of the first to announce.

In the event school is closed during the day "EARLY DISMISSAL", all parents should make sure their children know where to go -- home, neighbours, or other locations approved by the parents.
All students are currently accounted for in our Early Dismissal Plan.  During a day when an early dismissal is anticipated, please watch your e-mail accounts.  When an early dismissal is announced, teachers will be sending you an e-mail indicating there will be a noon dismissal.  You will be directed to inform the teacher on the expectations for your child upon dismissal.  Teachers will respond to you - they have received your note back.   If there is any doubt, school administration will be calling your home to confirm the plan for the dismissal. 

Please insure your child's registration forms include early dismissal information. If this information changes throughout the year, please let us know ASAP.